4L Data Intelligence healthcare solutions, powered by Intetgr8 AI technology, are designed to improve data, provider, payment and clinical integrity. Our technology helps healthcare providers deliver better care at a lower cost and helps payers and governments improve service and lower costs by stopping fraudulent, wasteful and abusive claims before payments are made. And 4L Data solutions are real-time, easy to implement and over-the-top, so you don't need to rip-and-replace legacy healthcare data platforms or dramatically change workflows.

4 levels of integrity to lower healthcare costs,
improve quality and increase access



Delivering easy and cost-effective access to real-time provider data that helps health systems, networks and payers improve provider data management accuracy and lower PDM costs



Delivering real-time dynamic insight into structured and unstructured claims data, provider behaviors and provider relationships to detect and prevent FWA before problem claims are paid



Delivering real-time provider integrity data from hundreds of sources to help health systems and payers easily understand provider behaviors and make decisions to improve clinical and payment integrity



Cost-effectively integrating and analyzing multiple data sources in real-time to deliver intelligent and comprehensive information to support efficient, timely and accurate care decisions


Health Resolution


Solving The Challenges Of:
  • Inaccurate provider data
  • Provider integrity related clinical, reputational and financial risks
  • Costly, labor-dependent PDM and credentialing
Immediately & Continuously Delivering:
  • Automated provider data management
  • Clean and accurate provider data
  • Single-source of provider data truth
  • Provider integrity transparency and alerts
  • Continuous, automated provider credentialing
  • Automated provider benchmarking
Powered By:
  • Patented Integr8 AI powered data cleansing, merge-matching and enhancing technology
  • Continuously updated 7M NPI provider database with 250 data elements on each provider


Solving The Challenges Of:
  • Out-of-control healthcare costs
  • Pre-adjudication FWA detection and prevention
  • Stopping over-payments before claims are paid
  • Changing provider behaviors
  • Seeing a real-time comprehensive view of provider behavior
Immediately & Continuously Delivering:
  • FWA detection 2X to 10X higher than traditional rules-based claims editing systems
  • FWA pre-adjudication prevention
  • Reduced need and cost of pay-and-chase recovery
  • Higher FWA detection for recovery collections
  • FWA detection and prevention that integrates provider behavior with claims review
  • Real-time provider collusion mapping
  • Real-time unstructured trends, patterns, behaviors, relationships and outlier detection
Powered By:
  • Patented Integr8 AI powered real-time integrated provider behavior and claims editing technology
  • Continuous monitoring of provider integrity and behaviors to reduce upfront and ongoing risk


Solving The Challenges Of:
  • Reducing claims denials
  • Pre-submission detection and prevention of claims denials
  • Pre-submission insight into reasons for claims denial
  • Pre-submission detection of under-coded claims
  • Easy comparison of hospital-to-hospital Medicare reconciliation report data
Immediately & Continuously Delivering:
  • Automated, real-time, pre-submission claims denial prediction
  • Automated identification of claims denial coding and documentation risks
  • Automated claims review against hundreds of payer guidelines
  • Automated real-time identification of internal claims denial performance
  • Automated ability to compare Medicare Reconciliation Report data for every hospital in the United States in point-and-click application
Powered By:
  • Patented Integr8 AI powered trend, pattern, relationship, behaviors and outlier detection


Solving The Challenges Of:
  • Out-of-control claims costs
  • Predicting which cases are potentially catastrophic
  • Poor quality care due to lack of real-time clinical intelligence
  • Slow decisions and response times
Immediately & Continuously Delivering:
  • Real-time actionable care and claims intelligence
  • Real-time, always-on detection, analysis and insight
  • Real-time clinical care red flags
  • Real-time claim red flags
  • Real-time pattern, trends, outlier and relationship detection
Powered By:
  • Patented Integr8 AI powered trend, pattern, relationship, behaviors and outlier detection
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