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4L Data Intelligence healthcare solutions are powered by patented Integr8 AI™ technology in combination with our proprietary healthcare provider database of 7.9M NPI's. All solutions are cloud-based and integrate with any workflow to get immediate quality and financial improvement without ripping-and-replacing legacy systems.

4L Fwa All Providers. All Claims.
4l PL 7.9 Million NPIs
4l FWA
Provider Integrity Edits  |  Adaptive Claims Edits
Billing Behavior Analytics  |  Provider Scheme Analytics
Use the power of Integr8 AI™ to find, fight and prevent fraud, waste and abuse fast with the revolutionary provider-centric FWA approach.
  • Detect the fraud, waste, and abuse you can't see now with claim-centric approaches
  • Rapidly detect and prevent FWA at five points across the claims management workflow
  • Reduce overall cost-per-claim
  • Dynamically and continuously understand provider behaviors, relationships, and outlier status
  • Continuously and automatically identify and accurately pay 'good' providers
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Prevent FWA At 5 Points Across Claims Workflow

The only patented fraud, waste, and abuse prevention technology that automates the power of Integr8 AI to deliver dynamic, fast, actionable, and accurate provider-centric detection and documentation at five points across the claims and network management workflow.

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Find and Fight Fraud Fast.TM

The 4L FWA Prevention solution gives fraud leaders and their teams the power of Integr8 AI to solve each of these three big problems:
  1. They can't find fraud and collusion fast enough.
  2. Investigations take too long.
  3. True positive rates are not high enough.
  • Detect the fraud and collusion you can't see now with claim-centric approaches.
  • Rapidly detect and prevent fraud at five points across the claims management workflow.
  • Automate SIU-in-a-box detection and documentation to enable rapid action.
  • Increase fraud lead generation and true positive rates with patented technology platform.
4l FWA
Provider Data Management
Provider Integrity Maintenance
Continuous Monitoring and Alerts
Ninety-three continuously updated and validated provider demographic and integrity data elements, combined with the power of Integr8 AI™, enables continuous provider credentialing and claims analysis to elevate data, provider, and payment integrity.
  • Proprietary provider data base has 93 unique provider data elements for 7.9M NPIs
  • Each unique provider data element is double or triple source validated
  • All provider data elements are independent of provider-provided data to ensure integrity
  • Continuous provider data monitoring enables near real-time alerts on critical data changes
  • Easy to use, permission-based dashboards makes managing provider data easy for staff
  • Snowflake enables easily accessible weekly or monthly updated master data file access
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Take Control. Reduce out-of-control FWA costs.
Streamline provider data accuracy, integrity and credentialing.
  • Schedule a FWA loss detection and, fraud and collusion demonstration using your data
  • Schedule a provider data accuracy and integrity demonstration using your data
*One time offer per organization. Limited to health systems, IDNs, Health Plans, PPOs, TPAS or credentialing services companies.